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Graham Calciano The Successful Design, Construction and Commissioning of A 11 L/S (0.25-MGD) Biological Nutrient Removal Pilot Plant in Ten Months
Authors: W. Yu, G. Calciano, R. Merlo, J. Teplin, T. Mingee, R. Witzgall, K. Ohlinger, S. Ramberg, J. Boyce, A. Hansen, M. Maidrand, R. Helm, and D. Parker
Peter Schuler Not Your Daddy's Wastewater Treatment Plant – The Johns Creek Environmental Campus
Authors: P. Schuler, J. Bratby, R. Williams, K. Comstock, R. Pope, OP Shukla, K. Suwanarpa and P. Williams
Gary Newman Criteria for Prescriptive Design Build Focused on DC Water's Biosolids Program Objectives and Constraints
Authors: G. Newman, P. Schafer, D. Stern (Parsons), T. Chapman , E. Jacobson , E. Low, J. Garber, S. Kharkar (DC Water) and D. Mukira (DC Water)
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A Critical Review of Nuisance Foam Formation and Biological Methods for Foam Management or Elimination in Nutrient Removal Facilities
A Biological Selector for Preventing Nuisance Foam Formation in Nutrient Removal Plants
Introduction of New Process Technology into the Wastewater Treatment Sector
Understanding Declining Water Demand: New Approaches to Research and Projections
Decision Factors on Solids Dewatering Technologies for DC Water’s Biosolids Program