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Brown and Caldwell’s Perry Schafer named 2013 WEF Fellow

July 19, 2013, WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — Brown and Caldwell’s Perry Schafer has been chosen for the prestigious 2013 WEF Fellows Program, which recognizes the professional achievement, stature and contributions to the preservation and enhancement of the global water environment.

Schafer has managed or directed scores of wastewater sludge and biosolids management studies, engineering designs and technical reviews for agencies across the United States, Canada and Australia.

Currently, Schafer is leading the development of DC Water’s $470 million Biosolids Management Program, which has been touted as one of the most innovative solids processing systems. This program involves the first use of thermal hydrolysis in North America and the largest application to date in the world.

"I consider Perry to be the world's leading expert in advanced anaerobic digestion technology,” said Walter Bailey, DC Water's Assistant General Manager.

Schafer has authored over 50 technical papers and articles and has presented at nearly every WEF Residuals and Biosolids Conference since its inception in 1988.

Schafer has been recognized with numerous awards. In 2006, he received the WEF Thomas Camp medal for anaerobic digestion research, and in 2012, received the Ralph Fuhrman Award for academic-practice collaboration. In 2011, the DC Water biosolids program received the Excellence in Environmental Engineering Award from AAEE, and in 2012, the International Water Association also recognized this work with its Excellence in Environmental Engineering Award.

"Perry has exhibited a lifelong commitment to furthering knowledge of our field, a passion for innovation, and an eagerness to instruct, mentor, and assist others,” said Dr. Tim Haug, Emeritus Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Loyola Marymount University. "I can think of no one more worthy of the honor of becoming a WEF Fellow.”

Selection committee recommendations for WEF Fellows are approved by the Board of Trustees. Schafer is one of 15 fellows approved for 2013.

Visit WEF’s website for a complete list of 2013 WEF Fellows


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