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How Virginia Beach Creatively Uses Sewer Modeling to Inform Their Capacity Assurance Program
Author: Rebecca L. Mitchell, Stephen T. Motley and Ricardo Campos
Date: 1/211
Pre-print, WEF Collection Systems 2010 Conference, Phoenix, AZ, June 13-16, 2010

The City of Virginia Beach Department of Public Utilities (City) provides sanitary sewer service to over 425,000 citizens and has over 404 sewer pumping/lift stations. DPU recently conducted an evaluation of their sanitary sewer pump station service areas using hydrologic modeling tools to estimate the 2-year recurrence interval peak hourly flow rate at each pump station. DPU developed a Capacity Assurance Program (CAP) that utilizes the 2-year peak hourly flows to: • Evaluate available capacity in the sanitary sewer system • Make decisions regarding the acceptance of new sewer flows into the sanitary sewer system • Track and manage flow acceptance requests • Identify and prioritize sewer pump station capacity enhancements. The use of the hydrologic modeling results within the Capacity Assurance Program is described herein.