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Pressure Reducing Station (PRS) Evaluation Study
Author: Phil Hubbard, Richard A. Carrier, Scott A. Hall and Paul C. Wilson
Date: 1/211
Preprint, WEFTEC 2010, New Orleans, LA, October 2-6, 2010

Brown and Caldwell was tasked with evaluating the operation of 14 of HRSD’s pressure reducing stations (PRSs) in a pressurized wastewater collection system. These stations assist upstream lift stations in moving wastewater towards multiple interconnected treatment plants. HRSD needed to optimize current operation of the PRSs during dry and wet weather conditions, while also keeping future regulations in mind. This paper will present Brown and Caldwell’s analysis and recommendations regarding the use of these stations. Significant energy savings have been realized and operational requirements have been reduced as a result. Recommendations were also made on placement of future PRSs.