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Fenton’s Reaction Treatment Increases Sequencing Batch Reactor Efficiency And Manufacturing Capacity
Author: J. Chris Stanfill
Date: 10/08
Preprint WEFTEC ’08, Chicago, IL, October 18-22, 2008

An aerospace company operates a sequencing batch reactor (SBR) for the purpose of organics oxidation and metals precipitation. The site was struggling to treat a single batch every 10 days, limiting production throughput. Brown and Caldwell (BC) reviewed the existing data and visited the site to perform bench-top and full-scale studies. Bench-top tests employing Fenton’s reagent were used to test dosage rates and reaction times. Reactions were closely monitored to determine the end-points, using analytical data and visual cues. The bench-top data were translated into full-scale operations with a dramatic reduction of SBR cycle time, from 10 to 3 days. BC also provided training materials for on-going operations support.