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Dynamic Updating Program for Just In Time Design of Water Reclamation Facilities
Author: Adam Klein and Tyle Zuchowski
Date: 10/08
Preprint WEFTEC ’08, Chicago, IL, October 18-22, 2008

The LOTT Alliance service population is expected to increase from 150,000 to 213,000 by the year 2030. Water quality issues have capped LOTT’s current marine discharge. As a result, LOTT adopted a “highly managed” utility planning scheme, which utilizes continuous planning and incremental additions of capacity to meet new capacity demands. Satellite reclaimed water treatment facilities tied to groundwater recharge infiltration sites are used to meet new capacity demands. In order to determine when and where these facilities will be needed, LOTT has developed a dynamic updating program utilizing flow monitoring data, population projections, and business case evaluations to annually update LOTT’s capital improvements program. Using this just-in-time capacity development strategy, LOTT will save an estimated $87 million over the course of it’s 20-year capital improvements planning period, while minimizing risk, wisely managing community resources, and taking advantage of the latest advances in technology.