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Large Membrane Bioreactors of Georgia: A Guide and Comparison
Author: Ray Williams, Peter Schuler, Kelly Comstock, Rod Pope
Date: 1/208
Proceedings of Membrane Technology Conference, Atlanta, GA, January 27-30, 2008

Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology was first introduced in Georgia in early 2001 and continues to expand at a rigorous pace. There are currently six major wastewater MBR facilities in the state with at least four more currently in the planning or design / construction stage. Cauley Creek Water Reclamation Facility (WRP) was the first major MBR facilities in the state and was placed into service in Spring 2002 and continues to serve as the center piece for a cutting edge water reuse distribution system. One facility currently under construction, the Johns Creek Environmental Campus (JCEC), will be one of the largest MBR facilities in North America when it is placed into service in July 2009. This paper will briefly describe and discuss the various MBR facilities currently operating in the state of Georgia and will include descriptions of several designs currently underway. Emphasis will be placed on describing each facilities design, operation, unique features and briefly discuss associated operating costs.