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The Importance of Structural and Gel Fractions in Determining Shear Sensitivity of Sludge.
Author: D. Dursun; S.K. Dentel (University of; Delaware, Newark DE, Dept. of Civil & Environ. Engineering
Date: 1/107
Reprinted from Water Science & Technology, Vol 56 No 9, pp 75-86. 2007

Shear sensitivity measurements with variation of ingredients in a synthetic sludge can be related to biosolids’ structural properties and particulate amount. The shear sensitivity is primarily controlled by the gel fraction, with alginate and the associated cations increasing the gel-like behavior. However the effect of particulate fraction on shear sensitivity should also be taken into account. Shear sensitivity is thus a complex parameter including two types of response: the resistance to dispersed mass concentration into centrate, and the maintenance of desired strength while the solids concentration increases in the shear field.