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Effective Sewer Grease Control Products: Myth or Reality?
Author: Victor Occiano, Anil Pai, Isam Hireish, Rey Sacro, Monika Smoczynski (City of San Diego)
Date: 10/07
WEFTEC Conference October 2007

Sewer grease blockages are responsible for sanitary sewer overflows in many wastewater collection systems. Grease blockages may be prevented using several methods including source control, mechanical cleaning, or by adding sewer grease control products (SGCPs). This paper presents the results of a study conducted by the City of San Diego and Brown and Caldwell. Several SGCPs were evaluated and tested in three phases including a bench-scale test and a fullscale pilot test. Several SGCPs were found capable of removing or breaking down FOG. Three field tested SGCPs also showed potential for economically maintaining mechanically cleaned sewer lines in clean condition.