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Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant Solids Facility; Form Meets Function for a Technological Success
Author: Ronny Lopez (City of Mesa); Nancy Ash and Edmond J. Low
Date: 4/108
Residuals 2008 Conference (March)

A unique partnership of Owners, Engineers and Architects, and Contractors worked together for the successful implementation of the Greenfield Water Reclamation Plant (GWRP) to meet increased wastewater treatment capacity and reuse water supply requirements. The project team faced several challenges ranging from local community integration, dramatic and on-going cost escalations, and the need for a regional biosolids management solution. The project created an architectural design that flawlessly blended the solids treatment facility with the surrounding upscale residential community. Balancing the capital cost constraints with the functional needs of the facility helped to keep the project within the Owner’s budgetary constraints. An innovative project delivery method – Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) – allowed the three owners, the joint venture CMAR contractor, and the multiple architectural and engineering firms to achieve a successful balance. The project achieved a regional biosolids management solution by linking together the Mesa Southeast Water Reclamation Plant (SEWRP), a remote treatment facility, and the GWRP using a solids pumping facility and a solids pipeline.