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Full-Scale Operation of Large Biological Nutrient Removal Facilities to Meet Limits of Technology Effluent Requirements - The Florida Experience
Author: Jose Jimeniz, Tim Madhanagopal, Harold Schmidt, John Bratby, Hima Meka, Denny Parker
Date: 10/07
WEFTEC 2007 Conference

As technology-driven regulatory process proceeds, there is a need to more carefully consider practical, scientific and engineering aspects of the treatment plant itself, and specifically complex technological issues associated with limits of technology (LOT) for nutrient removal facilities. Treatment plants in Florida have been successfully meeting low nitrogen and phosphorus requirements for two decades using different technologies including the Five-Stage Bardenpho process, denitrification filters and complex multi-stage biological processes. As new criteria for nutrients in receiving waters call for a reduction in nutrient concentrations in the effluent from treatment plants, the exceptional track record of nutrient facilities in Florida gives a unique perspective on the reliability of these technologies. Due to water quality deterioration in receiving water bodies, the limits of technology for nutrient removal are being pushed to lower effluent nitrogen and phosphorus levels. Therefore, this paper presents a distinctive perspective on how low we can actually go with different treatment technologies.