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Decentralized Treatment and Distributed Reuse in Rural C ommunities
Author: Ron Crites
Date: 10/07
WEFTEC Conference October 2007

Decentralized treatment and distributed reuse systems provide the opportunity for using innovative wastewater treatment technology while reusing the treated water near the point of generation. By treating the wastewater near its point of generation, the opportunities for beneficial reuse increase. Constructed wetlands and water reuse are described for a rural Hawaiian example at Puu O Hoku on Molokai. High nitrogen removal using Advantex filters and constructed wetlands are described for a number of installations and a proposed system at Kaloko on the big island of Hawaii. In California, an example is presented of a recirculating gravel filter for a decentralized system at Stonehurst in Contra Costa County. The costs of Advantex filters, recirculating gravel filters, and different reuse/disposal options are presented for the Rancho Victoria development in El Dorado County.