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Operations and Maintenance Requirement of Vortex with Disinfection and Screening with Disinfection CS
Author: Peter E. Moffa and Terrance Moore, Sr.; Wade Trim (Detroit Water and Sewerage Dept.)
Date: 10/07
WEFTEC Conference October 2007

Technologies such as screening, vortex and high-rate disinfection are successfully operating to meet CSO requirements at satellite locations through the County. Owing to the sporadic nature of CSO, such facilities have been designed with the objective of simplicity and reliability with minimal operational attention. This paper will report on the operational and maintenance experience of vortex with disinfection and screening with disinfection facilities. Specifically, the paper will benchmark the operations and maintenance costs for these types of facilities. Satellite facilities involve storage, treatment or a combination of both. This paper will focus on the treatment facilities, some of which have storage as a result of the tankage associated with the treatment technology. Whereas simple storage is limited by the design-storm volume, treatment can accommodate a continual series of storms. Consequently, storage facilities are often complemented with treatment capability to allow discharge at the satellite location. All satellite facilities are generally preceded by coarse screening to remove large debris, such as logs and baby carriages.