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Alternative Disinfection Technology Demonstrates Advantages for Wet Weather Applications -- A Pilot Study of Powdered Bromine Technology.
Author: Chris Somerlot, Peter Moffa, and Daniel Davis; Dan Sharek (Hatch Mott McDonald); Brian Gresser and Tom Smith (City of Akron)
Date: 10/06

A bromine disinfection technology currently utilized in Japan for CSO disinfection was piloted by the City of Akron, Ohio. Bromochlorodimethylhydantoin (BCDMH) is a biocide in powdered form that, when dissolved in water, hydrolyzes to hypobromous acid, hypochlorous acid (the active biocides) and Dimethylhydantoin (DMH). The City of Akron expressed interest in this technology in anticipation of wet-weather application of high-rate disinfection that would require intermittent operation and storage of chemicals between such operations. Consequently, Hatch Mott McDonald (HMM)/ Brown and Caldwell (BC) were hired to demonstrate this technology using a pilot facility at the Akron Water Pollution Control Station (WPCS).