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Evaluation of Caltrans District 4 Temporary Vactor Waste and Material Storage Sites
Author: Brad Dickson; Analette Ochoa and Dirk Summers (CA Department of Transportation)
Date: 5/106
StormCon 2006 Conference

This paper presents a novel method for selecting best management practices (BMPs) for temporary storage sites used by the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) District 4 Division of Maintenance (Maintenance). Caltrans District 4 comprises the nine counties of the San Francisco Bay Area. A qualitative evaluation method was used to formulate and develop BMPs to minimize the storm water impact of existing temporary sites. Permanent BMPs, which are expected to have lower maintenance requirements, were selected as appropriate. The elimination of sites based on this evaluation process is expected to make Caltrans District 4 Maintenance operations more efficient. What follows is a discussion of the types of material stored at temporary sites, site inspection activities, site evaluation criteria, the process for selecting BMPs and eliminating temporary sites, and guidelines for Vactor™ waste decanting basin (“Vactor pit”) design. An example site evaluation is also presented.