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Tracking Down Those Water Losses! A Case Study for Asheville, North Carolina
Author: Lisa A. Maddaus
Date: 1/104
2004 Water Sources Conference

The economic realities of today and in the future require water utilities to ensure that their facilities are operating at peak efficiencies. Leaks, inaccurate meters and inefficient system resources all create lost revenue and wasted water. This paper presents a case study on the experiences of Asheville, North Carolina's attempt at employing the International Water Association (IWA) Water Audit methodology. This innovative water accountability methodology is currently in the process of adoption as described in the AWWA 2002 Water Control Committee Report published in AWWA Journal, August 2003, and is leading to an updated AWWA Manual of Practice No. M36. Insights uncovered from conducting this water audit project will be provided in the presentation for the benefit of water utility planners and managers looking at implementing the new methodology or enhancing their existing water loss control programs.