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The Port of San Diego Applies Information Technology to Storm Water Compliance, A Case Study.
Author: Marc Damikolas, Richard Gilb
Date: 7/203
Presented at Sorm Con 2003 in San Antonio, Texas.

In 2001, the San Diego Unified Port District (Port) became one of 20 “Co-permittees” on the new Regional Storm Water Permit. As with most storm water permits, the San Diego Regional Permit mandates the storage and reporting of large volumes of information collected during sampling, monitoring, inspection and investigation activites. The Permit presented the relatively small Port Environmental staff with a significant data management challenge. In addition, requirements to report some data on a regional basis necessitated some level of data uniformity between agencies, futher complicating the process. The Port has looked to information technology solutions to aid them with this problem, and retained Brown and Caldwell as a consultant to help meet the regulatory challenges of storm water compliance. This paper discusses the process undertaken by the Port and Brown and Caldwell to develop a comprehensive, technology-based, storm water management solution.