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Communication Plan Development 101: Moving beyond Two Cans and a String
Author: Terry Cole
Date: 6/103
Presented at AWWA 2003

While water and wastewater utilities have undergone tremendous advances over the past 100 years in technology and science, the one area where most are still lagging behind is in communications, both within the organization and with external audiences. And while most utilities have a Master Plan to guide their operations and capital improvements over the coming years, few have developed a strategic Communication Plan to manage communication goals and expectations within the organization as it moves forward. Having such a plan provides much needed guidance on allocation of often-limited resources, clarification of the agency’s message, and protection of its credibility within the community it serves. There are guidelines that can assist utilities with developing a basic, yet useful, Communication Plan to meet the unique needs of water and wastewater agencies. The components of this Plan are something no agency should be without - a recognition and thoughtful consideration of an agency’s most valuable resource, communication.