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Developing a CMOM Program:Sacramento CSD-1's Experience?
Author: Patrick Hassey
Date: 1/102

Sacramento County Sanitation District 1 (CSD-1) is currently performing one of the first comprehensive CMOM projects in the United States. The CMOM project has completed an extensive audit of CSD-1 and identified necessary improvements. The audit process evaluated information from performance data, documents, and interviews of a cross-section of staff. While many individual areas for improvement were found during the audit, most were minor and not directly related to sanitary sewer overflows (SSO’s). Short-term and long-term improvements were identified in three key areas: 1. Reduce SSO’s and stoppages 2. Implement asset management 3. Improve information management Overall, the success of the project was based on a good understanding of CSD-1’s performance measures and active support and participation from all levels of staff and management.