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Vadose Zone Investigation of Land Application Food Processing Wastewater
Author: Jordan Smith, Russell Murray
Date: 10/03
Presented at WEFTEC 2003 in Los Angeles, CA.

An investigation of vadose water following the application of food processing wastewater was completed during the summer of 2001. Vadose water was measured from a raisin producer utilizing sprinkler irrigation and a tomato processor utilizing surface irrigation. Vadose water was measured at depths of 2 and 4-ft. Results indicate the hydraulic loading and re-aeration time impact treatment of organics in soil as much as BOD loading. Conservative ions, such chloride, are reduced in concentration with increased application due to reduced evapoconcentration. However, increased hydraulic and BOD loading tends to result in increased percolate manganese, but not to the point were TDS is significantly increased.