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The City of Atlanta Wastewater Treatment Program: A Success Story
Author: Rod Pope, Scott Bash, Marcia Hurd-Wade, Joe Porter
Date: 1/101

What began as a phosphorus control program wound itself through 1) public, political and environmentalist opposition, 2) a new Georgia law, 3) a Consent Decree and 4) tight schedule and resulted in major improvements at the City’s three main Water Reclamation Centers (WRC) in facilities, systems and programs. A comprehensive phosphorus control plan was developed in 1990 in response to a mandate from the Georgia Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to reduce phosphorus concentrations in all wastewater discharges to the Chattahoochee River. The plan solutions were designed in 1994 and met with tremendous public, political and environmentalist opposition. The plan was set aside and the Mayor set-up a panel to develop and evaluate alternatives. A revised plan was developed in 1995 that involved neighborhood groups, focus groups and public meetings. The redesign work associated with the plan began for the three WRCs in 1996. The detailed design and construction schedules were extremely tight. The actions taken by the City and their consultants and contractors to successfully construct and get on-line the wastewater program improvements are presented.