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Self-Cleaning Consolidation Conduit Captures, Stores and Transports Augusta, Maine's Largest Combined Sewer Overflows to WWTF
Author: Charles N. Smith, Steven D. Freedman, Dale C. Glidden
Presented at the WEF CSO Annual Conference and Exposition, , May 29 - June 1, 2002, San Francisco, CA

The Augusta Sanitary District is implementing the second of its four-phase Long-Term Control Plan for the abatement of its combined sewer overflow discharges. The current program focuses on the West Subsystem with the key component being the West Side Consolidation Conduit. Numerous challenges were encountered during the design including: narrow project corridor; active railroad; steep and unstable banks; and coordination with a rails-to-trail project. These, and other project objective and design considerations, are detailed in the paper.