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14 Miles of RO-More Local Well Water, Less Imported Colorado River Water, and a Cleaner Aquifer for Orange County, CA
Author: Jeff Heden, Michael R. Markus, Wendy Sevenandt
Presented at AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition, June 11-15, Denver, CO, 2000

The objective of this paper is to explain the technical, regulatory and community challenges and their potential solutions with the on-going preliminary design of 71,000 feet of pressurized pipeline conveying RO permeate. This pipeline will begin at a planned 130 million gallons per day (mgd) reverse osmosis wastewater reclamation treatment plant in Orange County, California. The pipeline is being designed to convey up to 115 mgd of RO permeate upstream to an existing set of off-river aquifer recharge basins for recharge into the county's groundwater aquifer. All portions of the project are currently in the preliminary design stage.