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Survey of Bromate Ion in Drinking Waters
Author: Christopher J. Douville, Gary Amy, Brian Daw
Presented at AWWA Annual Conference and Exposition, June 11-15, Denver, CO, 2000

A nationwide survey of ozonation utilities, entitled the "AWWARF Bromate Survey", was devised to understand bromate occurrence (formation) at full-scale water treatment plants during realistic, current levels of ozone application. While bromate occurrence information was the primary intent of the survey, additional information was extracted from a large water quality and treatment condition database. Specifically, relationships involving key parameters and their effects on bromate were investigated. The survey was organized and administrated by the University of Colorado (CU). As a comparison to the AWWARF Bromate Survey, the results from two additional surveys are presented at the end of the paper. The European Union (EU) Survey involved 38 different waterworks comprising two sampling rounds. The second survey, consisting of a subset of 22 ozonation utilities from the large Information Collection Rule (ICR)1 database, provides additional comparative opportunities for the disinfection by-product bromate.