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Building A Better Inspection Project From the "Underground" Up
Author: Randy Krizmanich, Rod Dell'Andrea, Jeffrey Duke, Pervez Jameel, Robert Knopf
Presented at WEF 73nd Annual Conference and Exposition, Anaheim, California, October 14-18, 2000

Through a series of three consecutive projects beginning in 1996, the Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District implemented a comprehensive program of inspection and evaluation to assess the condition of its system of interceptor sewers and combined sewer overflow (CSO) facilities in the Cleveland metropolitan area. Continual improvement and streamlining resulted in an innovative and widely applicable approach to locating, identifying, and inspecting interceptor and CSO facilities that significantly reduced field time and greatly increased the accuracy of the data collected. This paper will discuss how the application of lessons learned in field approach, data management and condition assessment from each project resulted in a final streamlined project approach to efficiently gather accurate system inventory and condition data that can be effectively applied to a long-term condition assessment and data management program.