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Case Histories of Sulfide Corrosion
Author: Perry L. Schafer, Robert A. Witzgall, Irene S. Horner
Date: 3/290
From the Proceedings of the American Society of Civil Engineers International Conference--Pipeline Design and Installation, Las Vegas, Nevada, March 25-29, 1990

Section 522 of the Water Quality Act of 1987 requires the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to conduct a study of sulfide corrosion and control options in collection and treatment systems, and to report the results to Congress. As input to EPA's report to Congress, Brown and Caldwell Consulting Engineers prepared case histories of five wastewater systems that have experienced sulfide corrosion problems (Brown and Caldwell, 1989). The case histories, which summarize previous studies of systems, are summarized in this paper. The projects selected for case histories span the United States, with one project located in Lakeland, Florida; two in Omaha, Nebraska; and two projects located in Sacramento, California. This paper includes a brief description of each project area, followed by a description of data collection, field investigations, and predictive models common to all five projects. Recommended solutions to the sulfide corrosion problems for each project are described, and conclusions that can be reached by looking at the five case histories collectively are summarized.