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Partnering Makes Privatization Work
Author: Kenneth D. Fonda, Thomas R. Alspaugh, Nicola M. Kavanagh, Ray Purtee, Bill Weidenbacher

In 1995, the City of San Diego signed a contract with NEO Corporation and Minnesota Methane, LLC, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, to finance, design, build, own, operate and maintain a landfill gas collection system and a 6.4 megawatt cogeneration facility. The landfill gas collection system was installed on an operating City landfill and subsequently the cogeneration facility was constructed at the Metro Biosolids Center, a 162 dry ton per day wastewater solids processing complex. Construction of the cogeneration facility was concurrent with the construction of the Metro Biosolids Center which presented numerous design and scheduling problems. Formal facilitated partnering was included as part of the contract's scope of work to reduce costs, keep the project on schedule, and avoid conflicts during the design, construction and operations by identifying common goals, concerns, potential problems and methods to handle the expected and unexpected problems.