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Endocrine Disruptors In Wastewater: Is There Cause For Concern?
Author: Matthew H. Davis, Chris Cleveland, Mike Sharar
Date: 10/99
Presented at WEF 72nd Annual Conference and Exposition, New Orleans, Louisiana, October 9-13, 1999

Research into endocrine disrupting compounds is shedding light on how many synthetic and natural compounds can have profound and long lasting impacts on living systems. The wastewater community has not gone untouched by this issue - several lines of evidence suggest that endocrine disrupting compounds are present in wastewater and that current treatment practices are ineffective in removing them. This paper presents the evidence that endocrine disruptors are present in wastewater and reviews studies suggesting that endogenous and/or synthetic estrogens may be the causative agents in domestic wastewater. The potential impact of endogenous and synthetic hormones in wastewater on public and environmental health will be discussed along with removal efficiencies of various wastewater treatment processes.