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Theoretical and Field Comparison of Clarifier Feedwell Sizing
Author: David J. Kinnear, Robert Williams, Craig Olson, Kevin Kennedy, Harvey Johnson, Edward Pollack, Cello Vitasovic
Date: 6/205
Presented at WEF 71st Annual Conference and Exposition, Orlando, Florida, October 3-7, 1998

Field testing and numerical modeling conducted on two nearly identical 60-foot diameter, 10-ft side water depth circular clarifiers at Incline Village, Nevada provided an understanding of how subtle factors affect clarifier performance. The studied clarifiers differed only in feedwell diameter: 10-foot and 20-foot. Clarifier testing complied with the protocols of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) Clarifier Research Technical Committee (CRTC) and included settling tests, dispersed suspended solids/flocculated suspended solids tests, and hydraulic stress tests.