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Achieving Cost Savings for Atlanta’s Water and Wastewater Systems Through Contract Management and Re-Engineering
Author: John E. Salo, D. Seader, L. Wallace, D. S. Skalsky
Date: 10/98
Prepublication copy for presentation at WEFTEC'98, The '71st Annual Program for Technical Professional Development, Orlando, Florida, October 3-7, 1998

The City of Atlanta's antiquated water, wastewater, and sewer systems must comply with increasingly stringent environmental requirements while providing City users with high-quality service. With the need to implement its major capital improvement program (CIP) immediately to accomplish these twin objectives, the City is faced with two choices to pay those costs: either continually raise user rates to meet operations and debt service requirements, or find savings in existing operations to offset rising costs. After having recently raised water and wastewater rates, the City decided to assess the potential to reduce operations costs.