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Design Considerations for Reliable Operation of Enclosed, Low-Emission Waste Gas Burners For Digester Gas
Author: Doug L. Schneider, Carl Mack
Date: 6/205

Fully enclosed, low-emission waste gas burners reduce air pollution, odor, and visible flames. However, they have unique design considerations compared to traditional open flares. Failure to ask the right planning period questions can result in overly complex installations which fail to meet either process or air pollution goals. This paper reviews the implementation at the King County Department of Natural Resources East Section Reclamation Plant (ESRP). Fundamentals of air pollution control and typical low-emission burner operation are reviewed. The ability to meet mechanical reliability standards and emission requirements over a wide range of operating conditions is examined. Requirements for air permit agency monitoring, the ability to operate during loss of utility power, safety systems, and integration into the plant's overall gas management and SCADA systems are discussed. The paper ends with recommendations to simplify implementation on future projects.