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Planning and Implementation of Wichita’s Successful Biosolids Reuse Program
Author: Forrest Vaughan, Larry Koontz, Bruce Barnes

When new federal regulations for monitoring and disposal of sewage sludge were published in 1993, the City of Wichita Water and Sewer Department knew that significant changes were required to comply with the new regulations. The City determined through the development of a Biosolids Management Plan that a beneficial reuse program was the most practical and effective means of achieving compliance. Implementation of the Biosolids Management Plan has resulted in higher quality biosolids and a reliable method of disposal. The biosolids reuse program has been unusually successful due to a combination of thoughtful planning, honest dialogue with the public, facilities improvements, and responsible operation. A certain measure of the noted success is due to the City's accommodation of the farmers' crop and site requirements. In this way the City provides the farmer with a valued service in addition to the product.