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Development and Application of a Water Quality Monitoring Plan for the Lake Lanier Watershed Study
Author: Peter C. DeGolian, Dean Mericas

The Lake Lanier Watershed Study was conducted to develop a management tool to predict water quality in 38,000 acre Lake Lanier in response to various water resource management alternatives in the approximately 1045 square mile watershed. The development of this tool required data on watershed flow and pollutant loading, as well as water quality measurements throughout the lake. The monitoring plan required that critical sampling locations, that would reflect the response of the system to year round tributary loading, be selected. These data needs were addressed through the collection and analysis of more than 1,700 ambient and storm event water samples in the lake and ten of its tributaries at bi-monthly and monthly intervals over the period of a year. Samples were analyzed for as many as eighteen constituents. Baseflow and stormflow monitoring events were conducted in each of the tributaries to measure stream stage and discharge under various flow conditions.