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Operational Criteria as an Alternative Approach to Compliance with Wastewater Disinfection Treatment Standards
Author: Richard D. Wilson, David B. Williams, Bertha Goldenberg
Date: 4/197
Presented at the Florida Water Resources Conference, April 1997

To meet state effluent discharge regulations regarding basic level disinfection and chlorine toxicity, the Miami-Dade Water and Sewer Department (WASD) has conducted bench scale studies to identify disinfection characteristics of North District Wastewater Treatment Plant (NDWWTP) effluent. Analysis of study results has identified an operational band within which both regulations can be met. An automated chlorine monitoring and control system is being installed to maintain the strict effluent discharge requirements. If the automated chlorination system achieves compliance, WASD will reduce chlorine consumption and defer costs associated with the installation of dechlorination facilities or an alternative disinfectant such as ozonation or ultraviolet radiation.