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Specifications That Ensure Sliplining Success
Author: John Goodwin, Dave Gellings, Douglas McMillan Jr., Grace Chow, Hamid Sarvi, Rod Stude
Presented at ASCE Trenchless Pipeline Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, June 8-11, 1997

The variable conditions inevitably encountered in underground pipeline rehabilitation give rise to a significant question: Can construction specifications be written with such accuracy that they ensure performance of the finished project? This paper relates the author's experience in creating detailed specification requirements for trenchless rehabilitation of a sanitary sewer pipeline in Pleasanton, California. Bringing together the expertise of the system owner, engineering consultants, pipe manufacturers, and grouting contractors, an effort was made to write, issue and execute construction contract specifications sufficiently detailed to describe the intended performance requirements for each key operation. This paper describes detailed specifications for 1) preliminary examination of the pipeline, 2) preparation of the existing line for rehabilitation, 3) requirements for pipe strength, durability, and joint tightness, 4) requirements for grouting the annular space, and 5) acceptance testing of the final product. Cooperation within the project team, among the various disciplines involved, produced performance-based, descriptive specifications that resulted in a successful installation.