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A Tabular/Graphical Approach for More Economical, User-Friendly Computerized O&M Manuals
Author: Woodie M. Muirhead
Date: 6/197
For presentation at WEF Specialty Conference: Computer Technologies for the Competitive Utility, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, June 16-19

Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Manuals are a valuable reference for day-to-day use in wastewater treatment plants. However, repeated surveys of treatment plant staff indicate that O&M manuals are seldom used and are usually not up-to-date. The reasons for the current state of O&M manuals are many, including general organization, format, and quality of the material. As utilities "computerize" their O&M manuals, clear differences in approaches to the design architecture of these manuals have emerged. The majority of computerized O&M manuals have been implemented in text-narrative format, digitally mimicking existing text-on-paper documents. A tabular/graphical approach to presenting and organizing information in computerized O&M manuals increases the ease of use and updating the manuals.