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The Role of Data Analysis Protocols in Obtaining Groundwater Quality Management Information
Author: Nadine C. Adkins, Harry F. Bell, Robert C. Ward
Date: 7/295
Draft-To be published in the proceedings for the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics XXI General Assembly, Boulder, Colorado, July 2-14, 1995

A water quality data analysis protocol (DAP) has been developed for a groundwater monitoring program at an industrial facility in New York state. The DAP was created to ensure that the facility will obtain the information needed to meet regulatory requirements. This paper describes the following aspects of the DAP that make it an excellent tool for obtaining groundwater quality information: (1) the DAP forces users to clearly define information goals, (2) it is structured around monitoring information goals, and (3) it helps to focus regulatory negotiations on information goals rather than on data quantity. The DAP was prepared using a framework that is briefly outlined in this paper. The framework can be used by water quality program managers to write site-specific DAPs.