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Making TF/SC Work For Windsor
Author: Denny S. Parker, Lou S. Romano, Harold S. Horneck
Date: 10/96
For presentation at WEF 69th Annual Conference and Exposition, Dallas, Texas, October 5-9, 1996

It is anticipated that the City of Windsor's West Windsor plant will be required to be upgraded from its current chemical primary treatment to full secondary treatment, while maintaining phosphorus removal. A Steering Committee established effluent design objects for effluent SS (ESS) and BOD5 of 15 mg/l, total phosphorus of 0.5 mg/l, and ammonia nitrogen of 3 mg/l. In initial testing, the Trickling Filter/Solids Contact (TF/SC) process failed to meet its objectives. A detailed diagnosis showed that the best process configuration had not been tested and that the pilot design was flawed in several respects. The inclusion of a sludge reaeration tank, the substitution of a flocculate-clarifier for a conventional scraper clarifier and the elimination of head losses causing excessive floc breakup fixed the problem. In testing over a year long period, the TF/SC process consistently met the target objectives, moving it up from fourth place to a tie with the other first ranked process, the BAF. Capital costs were found to be lower than for the activated sludge process and the BAF processes.