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Water Reclamation and Reuse in Hawaii: Issues and Answers
Author: Richard J. Stenquist
Date: 2/295
Presented at the Hawaii Water Environment Association 17th Annual Conference, February 2-3, 1995

The concept of reclaiming and reusing wastewater for specific purpose (e.g., irrigation) is one which has been practiced to some extent for many years. More recently, in the last 10 to 20 years, water reclamation has assumed increased importance for arid or water-short regions of the world. Israel, in particular, has taken the lead in reclaiming wastewater in its desert environment. On the United States Mainland, California, Arizona, and Florida have been at the forefront of states where increased water demand, combined with limited natural water supplies, has provided the impetus for increased recycling of water in the same manner as we recycle paper, metals, or other limited natural commodities.