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Implementing a Regional Water Recycling Program
Author: Richard J. Stenquist, Vincent D. Wong
Date: 4/294
Presented at the 66th Annual California Water Pollution Control Association Conference, Santa Clara, California, April 27-29

The Livermore-Amador Valley is located in Alameda County approximately 50 miles southeast of San Francisco (Figure 1). The principal cities in the Valley are Livermore, Pleasanton, and Dublin. The City of San Ramon lies just to the north across the county line in Contra Costa County in the San Ramon Valley. The Livermore-Amador Valley and the San Ramon Valley are collectively known as the Tri-Valley area. The area is suburban in nature and has increasingly, over the last 30 years, become a "bedroom community" for commuters to San Francisco and other urban cities of the San Francisco Bay Area. As this growth has taken place, increasing pressures on the area's wastewater disposal system have led to periodic evaluations of water recycling (or reclamation) as a means of wastewater disposal. However, due to conflicting priorities and agendas of the Valley's water and wastewater agencies, actual implementation of water recycling projects has remained minimal.