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Inventory of Sewer Collection Facilities
Author: Stephanie Reid, Gail Luthy
Date: 11/95

The City of Portland, Oregon, Bureau of Environmental Services (BES), is responsible for the maintenance and operation of a 115-square mile area of sewer collection facilities. This massive responsibility has been intensified over the last few years by a call to provide better environmental protection of the receiving streams and to meet NPDES program requirements for evaluation of the water quality effectiveness of stormwater programs. To meet these challenges, the City has embarked on a surface stormwater facility maintenance program designed to provide for the health and safety of the public, protect the community's investment in the stormwater drainage system, and optimize budget dollars to achieve maximum water quality and community benefits. To implement such a program, the City needed detailed knowledge of the exact location of all surface stormwater facilities, as well as their characteristics, connectivity, and facility condition. To provide such detail, the City conducted an extensive field inventory of all their existing surface stormwater facilities.