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Pollution Prevention from Metal Finishing Operations Through Ion Exchange Reclamation of Dichromate Salts
Author: John Fields, Joe Zuback, Jim Downing
Date: 7/191
Prepared for presentation at the Summer National Meeting, Waste Reduction in the Manufacturing Industries, August 18-21, 1991

The Convair Division of General Dynamics Corporation operates manufacturing facilities at five separate locations in San Diego County, California. At the division's Lindbergh Field Plant chemical processing is performed, including aluminum anodizing utilizing chromic, sulfuric, and phosphoric acids, steel finishing utilizing hydrochloric and nitric acids, and preparatory finishing processes employing other metal etchants and sealants. These chemical operations generate wastewater from rinsing of processed parts. A facility has been designed that will treat wastewaters from process rinsing operations and will also treat processing solutions that are now being managed off-site as hazardous wastes.