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Integrating Modeling with GIS for Water Supply
Author: Mehmet D. Kutsal
Date: 6/105

Anyone who has used a computer model for planning a water distribution system knows that the actual running of the model is the easy part. The difficult and labor intensive portion of modeling is in preparing and managing the input to the model and interpreting and managing the output from the model. This paper will discuss an integrated approach to modeling that takes best advantage of all of the computer tools that are at the disposal of water authorities today. The Montgomery Water Board is in the process of implementing a modeling system that will take full advantage of its GIS and FM systems as well as supporting LIMS and SCADA based activities. The implementation is taking advantage of a design that has been proven under a variety of conditions at other entities for over three years now. All of the data that is going to and coming from the model will be managed by a GIS. The system will eliminate the redundancy of data by taking advantage of the Client/Server technology and its application to GIS, FM and computer modeling. The paper will discuss the project plan with respect to the modeling of the distribution system. It will also outline the distribution system that will be modeled with this system. Lastly, it will cover the planned products the system will yield to aid the distribution system planning at the Montgomery Water Board.