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Design and Operations Experience with Flocculator-Clarifiers in Large Plants
Author: Denny S. Parker, Richard Butler, Reed Fisher, William Fox, Wendell Kido, Steve Merrill, Gary Newman, Rod Pope, Jeff Slapper, Eric J. Wahlberg
Date: 6/105
Presented at Large Wastewater Treatment Plant Group Vienna Workshop, Vienna, Austria, September 1995

Historically, secondary clarifiers have contributed to instability in plant performance. The flocculator-clarifier development has demonstrated in a variety of plant situations that stable secondary process operation is achievable. Consistently low effluent SS levels (average values of 10 mg/l) are realistically achievable. This performance enhancement has been obtained at lower costs than for conventional designs. The clarifier incorporates some special design features including a large flocculator centerwell to incorporate dispersed solids into settleable floc. Other features include rapid sludge removal, inboard weir placement and deeper sidewater depths than conventionally used (5.5 to 6m).