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The Safety Implications of Inspecting Large-Diameter Sewers
Author: Daniel P. Clark, Ed O. Cox
Date: 6/105
Presented at Water Pollution Control Federation Conference, Toronto, Canada, 1991

The Municipality of Metropolitan Seattle (Metro) has approximately 11 miles of large-diameter brick sewers constructed in the early 1900's For the last three years Metro and Brown and Caldwell Consultants (BCC) have been inspecting these sewers to assess structural condition and determine rehabilitation needs. The inspection process is a hazardous and labor-intensive effort that requires a multi-discipline team of engineers and technicians to enter active sewers. This paper will explain the preparation and training the team is required to receive before sewer man-entry is allowed. Further, this paper will discuss the safety equipment and procedures necessary to enter manholes and sewers under current federal, state, and local laws.