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Interesting Discoveries with a Low-Tech Sludge Lagooning and Air Drying Operation
Author: Steve J. Krugel
Date: 12/90
Presented at the Water Pollution Control Federation Conference on the Status of Municipal Sludge Management for the 1990's, December 2-5, 1990 New Orleans, Louisiana

In 1989, the Metropolitan Wastewater Management Commission (MWMC) of Eugene/Springfield, Oregon, put their new sledge management facilities into operation. Designed to serve a population of over 2000,000, the facility uses facultative sludge lagoon storage followed by air drying and agricultural land application. Although it is a fully modern facility, it is clearly low-tech, using the natural physical, chemical, and biological reactions which take place during long-term lagooning and air drying prepare the sludge for beneficial use.