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Lessons Learned from the East Bay Infiltration/Inflow Program at Stege Sanitary District - Part A, I/I Planning and Implementation Steps for Stege Sanitary District
Author: Roy C. Fedotoff
Date: 4/890
Presented at the WPCF Specialty Conference Series Control of Combined Sewer Overflows Water Pollution Control Federation

The Stege Sanitary District (Stege) was a participating agency in the regional East Bay Infiltration/Inflow (I/I) Study conducted along the east shore of the San Francisco Bay. This 6-year, comprehensive, $18 million I/I program was completed in 1986. The study team recommended an ambitious 20-year, $300 million construction program of collection system improvements; this was begun in 1987. Initial work consisted of comprehensive sewer rehabilitation of portions of existing collector sewers and major relief sewers. A $145 million construction program comprising storage and treatment improvements was also recommended for the regional treatment system. The goal of the program is to reduce wet weather overflows and bypasses of diluted wastewater to an acceptable level.