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Trickling Filter/Solids Contact Process Married to Lagoons--A Unique Process Combination at Everett, Washington
Author: Bill Persich, M. Steve Merrill, Stuart Oppenheim, Tom Thetford
Date: 6/105
Presented at the Water Pollution Control Federation Annual Conference, Dallas, Texas, 1988

The City of Everett, Washington, located in Snohomish County, presently treats wastewater for a community of approximately 77,000 people. Maximum winter month raw sewage flow for the year 2005 design condition is projected to be 25.5 MGD. The City's wastewater treatment plant consists of a headworks facility (screening and grit removal) followed by a two-cell, partially mixed aerated lagoon and two oxidation ponds operating in series. Effluent from the final pond is chlorinated prior to discharge to the Snohomish River.