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Integrated Wastewater System Investigation and Planning for Dallas Water Utilities
Author: Donald Funderlic, Roy C. Fedotoff, Antonio Almeida, Claudia Zahorcak
Date: 10/88
Presented at the Water Pollution Control Federation National Conference, Dallas, Texas, October 1988

Attempting to address and solve the wastewater needs of a metropolitan area the size of the City of Dallas is like trying to predict the path and direction of a hurricane. The wastewater needs of the city will never be completely defined or understood. Like a hurricane, wastewater systems are constantly changing in intensity and magnitude and must be continuously observed and studied to predict a course of future policies or procedures. The planning process of a wastewater correction system, makes on feel as if they have been caught in spiral vortex manhole. The process of going around in a circle makes you so frustrated you don't recognize that progress has been made. The purpose of this paper is to improve the planning process in a way that five years later the Master Plan is not gathering dust and turning yellow on a bookshelf near your desk.