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Using a Stream's Full Resources: How to Develop a Flow-Variable Industrial Discharge Permit
Author: Claudia L. Zahorcak, Harold L. Newman, Michael G. Waldon
Date: 10/88
Presented at the Industrial Wastes Symposia, 61st Annual Conference of the Water Pollution Control Federation, Dallas, Texas, October 1988

When the stream discharge permit for an industrial wastewater is set, the required level of treatment can either be based on pre-set effluent limits (effluent based) or on effluent limits which will achieve a pre-set level of stream quality (water-quality based). To develop water-quality based limits, an understanding of the bio-chemical and physical dynamics of the receiving stream is necessary; that is, the cause-and-effect relationship between loading and stream quality response must be established. Traditionally, this is done by creating a water quality model, which is based on carefully designed field investigations.